Space Dreamers

◇ 2024

Space Dreamers is the first immersive exhibition dedicated to space, consisting of 16 art installations created to engage, excite and surprise visitors, taking them on an intergalactic journey.
The project was entirely created by Postology: from concept and design to implementation and management.

In this interactive exhibition, the fascination and mystery of the universe come to life, to transport young and old alike on an extraordinary journey through the wonder of discovery.
Stars, clouds, satellites and galaxies: immersed in a magical atmosphere, visitors have the opportunity to explore the wonders of the cosmos and touch the incredible vastness of the

Among the most iconic installations are "Interstellar," Italy's largest infinity room, "Mission To Mars," a dynamic experience that takes visitors on a mission to Mars, and "Moon Landing," a special 4D cinema where they can experience firsthand the thrill of the moon landing. Technology is used to engage visitors and make them an active part of the exhibition, as in the installation dedicated to the stars and zodiac "Written in the Stars."

The first edition of the project is open throughout 2024 in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Beccaria (Duomo), and is already ready to move to other Italian and foreign cities.

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