Museum of Dreamers

Pop-Up Museum
◇ 2022

Museum of Dreamers is a pop-up museum entirely conceived, designed and implemented by Postology Agency. It features 15 immersive installations designed to dream, stimulate the senses and turn upside down the reality you find yourself in. Each of these conceals, behind the strong visual impact, a clear motivational message giving rise to a path aimed at re-educating the culture of dreams.

Visitors are encouraged to actively take part, exploring the large exhibition area that bright colors and neon lights make a surreal place where anything is possible. The exhibition is open in Milan's Piazza Beccaria in the famous location of the former Excelsior, confirming the well-established trend of "retailtment," or the combination of retail and entertainment with the aim of surprising and engaging customers.

Museum Of Dreamers is therefore an emotional exhibition that through design, communication and technology succeeds in transforming the dreamlike into reality, aspirations into inspiration and spaces into platforms for dreaming.

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