Millennial Pink Room

Design Installation
◇ 2018

“Millennial Pink Room” at SuperStudio’s is an installation realized during the Milan Design Week in 2018. “Pink Millennial” – the most loved and shared color on social media – is the main character.

This instagram-friendly project addresses to Millennial generation, while all the products are inspired by social media, such as the like-button shaped neon and the “#love” pink mugs. Inside the installation: the “dream” mirror, with its antique pink frame, lettering and symbols made in collaboration with Swaroski’s crystals. It is designed to increase guests’ interaction and engagement.

The result is a strictly contemporary project but with a vintage allure: the boiserie, midcentury tables and couch, the 60s deckchairs. The black and white pied-de-poule moquette – DesignByGemini x Econtract – creates a pleasing contrast.

A total of more 30000 shares.

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